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  • Vital MTB's Bike Of The Day

    Learn how to get your bike featured on Vital MTB's Bike of the Day!
  • Canfield Brothers Welcomes Jeremy "Kickstand" Hottinger to Our Team

    We had the good fortune to meet Jeremy at Rampage this year and were absolutely blown away with him. Not only was he throwing down on the big lines of the old site, his laid back personality really drew us to him. He is SUPER down to earth and an amazing mentor to his group of peers, which makes him a killer brand ambassador for us. We are really stoked to have him on board!
  • Canfield Bike Check Contest's member bike check gallery has been blowing up recently and we need your help to expand the Canfield section of the gallery.
  • Jedi Review in Decline

    Check out the November/December issue of Decline featuring a two-page review of our Formula 1 Jedi!
  • Kyle Warner Interview

    Check out our team rider Kyle Warner getting a little love on

  • Dirt Rag - Full Nimble 9 Review

    The Nimble 9 was featured in the latest issue of Dirt Rag! Click on the image below to download a pdf of the review.

    *Click on the image above to download a pdf of the review (1.3mb).

  • Dirt Rag with the Nimble 9

    New Age Twenty Niner Geo is out to the Public now!  Changing the way people think about how 29er's handle.
  • Lance Interviewed at the Factory

    Josh over at Cane Creek brought this one to our attention. Lance was interviewed at the factory for a publication based in Taiwan. Looking good Lance!
  • Does the mountain bike riding end this time of year for everyone???

    NO.....Awesome riding edit with some JEDI action......Wintertime riding!  Cali big surprise!
  • Canfield Action in the Tetons!

    Fall time, Teton pass, Canfield Jedi...easy living!

  • Blister Gear Review - 29ers

    Blister gear review weighs in on the 29er debate and uses the Yelli Screamy and Nimble 9 from the Canfield Brothers as an example of how the industry is starting to push 29er geometry.
  • Canfield on MTBR!

    Canfield is very proud to announce that we now have our own section on Thanks to everyone over the years who have helped support at a rider-owned company. This will prove to be a valuable resource to anyone who has questions regarding all things CANFIELD! Thanks, everyone!