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Canfield Tilt Mid-Travel 29er | Singletracks.com

testers have been spending time on the Tilt, our all-new mid-travel 29er, on Colorado's Front Range and surrounding areas.

The Tilt will be featured as part of Singletracks' "Mid-Travel Mountain Bike Mashup" with full written and video reviews dropping this fall, but they recently shared a sneak peek.

"Canfield’s Tilt is as unique amongst our other test bikes as the paper white aluminum frame makes it look." 

After noting that nearly the entire production run has sold out, they went on to say, "We’ve been getting a good sense of why those buyers aren’t just excited to have a new bike in 2021, but to have something like the Tilt."

How will the Tilt's 138 millimeters of CBF suspension and signature Canfield geo stack up against the other trail bikes on test?

Head on over to Singletracks to read more, and stay tuned for the full review.

[READ] "A Peek at the Canfield Tilt" - Singletracks


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