VIDEO: Does Crank Length Matter? - Hardtail Party x Canfield Cranks

Does crank length matter? We at Canfield Bikes have been proponents of short MTB cranks for a long time, and one of if not the only manufacturers to offer DH and AM rated cranks all the way down to 150mm.

So when Steve at Hardtail Party was interested in doing a side-by-side comparison of different length cranks, we happily obliged and sent over 155mm, 160mm, 165mm and 170mm cranks. 

"I wasn’t really sure if I’d feel a difference ... It made a huge difference!
I’ve learned that my body is happier with the shorter cranks." 

Is shorter better? Is there a point of diminishing returns? Does crank length only affect climbing, or descending too? What are the pros and cons?

Find out in the video and join the Hardtail Party on YouTube here.

[WATCH] "The Great Crank Length Experiment" - Hardtail Party

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  • How do you size for shorter cranks? I am 5’ 7.5” and run 170 mm on a medium Tilt…


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