Canfield Balance Review - Mountain Bike Action

Canfield Balance Review - Mountain Bike Action

A few months back, we sent a Desert Loam Canfield Balance over to the crew at Mountain Bike Action and they set out to test it on the toughest trails they could find. 

How did our signature long-travel 27.5 enduro bike stack up? Test riders praised the CBF suspension, burly construction, smart spec and ability to earn its turns despite packing 170 millimeters of travel. But of course where the bike impressed most was when gravity took over. 

"Heading down the trails and ripping through turns is what the Balance loves to do most. This downhill bruiser is built tough and uses its long-travel coil suspension to provide a traction-filled, ultra-plush ride down the trails. The Balance loves descending with vision-blurring speed." 

Canfield Balance Review - Mountain Bike Action

"Riding the Balance on smooth trails doesn’t do its abilities justice," MBA wrote. "Canfield’s Balance is aimed at those looking to push the limits on a bike sturdy enough to handle their every demand."

The full feature can be found in the March 2021 print edition of MBA, but in case you missed it, it's now live online.

Head on over to Mountain Bike Action to read the full Canfield Balance review.

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