Canfield Balance Review - Beta MTB

Canfield Balance Review - Beta MTB

When the news hit back in October of 2020 that the venerable Bike magazine would be shutting down after 27 years, it was indeed a dark day in the mountain bike community.

But it wasn't long before the talented staff emerged from the ashes to launch an entirely new venture, Beta MTB. When the new title launched, our very own Canfield Balance was one of the first bikes in the queue for review.

After putting our flagship 27.5-wheeled long-travel enduro bike through its paces, they came away impressed by the CBF suspension, dialed geometry and playful yet aggressive nature. 

"...if it was the suspension that helped make the bike’s extra weight disappear on the climbs, the geometry was doing the same on the descents. And boy, if you like sneaking manuals in when you see a high-speed dip or low-speed drop, this is your bike. The rear wheel felt like an extension of my body." 

Beta went on to praise the bike's design for proving that 27.5-inch wheels still provide one hell of a ride, calling the Balance "unapologetic."

Canfield Balance Review

"When other 27.5-inch bikes try to 'make up for' their small wheels, the Canfield Balance leans into them."

Head on over to Beta MTB to read the full Canfield Balance review.

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Canfield Balance

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