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  • Bike Mag Checks out 2020 Canfield Balance and ONE.2 at Sedona MTB Festival

    Bike magazine caught up with Lance Canfield and the rest of the Canfield Bikes crew at the 2020 Sedona MTB Festival to check out the new Limited Edition Balance enduro bike and ONE.2 29er downhill bike.
  • A Look Back at the 2006 Canfield Balance - the Original 'Mini DH' Bike

    Photo: We recently introduced the 2020 Canfield Balance, the 4th generation of our signature all-mountain bike. But the lineage of ...
  • Introducing the 2020 Canfield Balance Limited Edition

    Canfield Bikes Introduces Limited Edition 2020 Balance  High-end mountain-bike manufacturer rolls out 4th generation of signature all-mountain bik...
  • VIDEO | "Monkey Business" feat. Lorin Whitaker - from XC to Freeride

    Canfield Brothers team rider Lorin Whitaker has been riding the red ridges of his backyard in Virgin, UT, nearly as long as he's been riding bikes. But his talents extend beyond freeride, and his riding—and larger than life personality—made him a staple on his high-school cross-country team, the Flying Monkeys.
  • VIDEO | Riding King Kong on a trail bike - Canfield Brothers Balance

    King Kong. Among mountain bikers, the name conjures a mix of fear, respect and excitement. It has been called "the only shuttle-able Rampage style line on the planet." Lorin Whitaker recently decided to up the ante by dropping in on a trail bike—his 2017 Canfield Brothers Balance
  • 2016 Canfield Brothers Balance Review: Bike Mag

    We recently sent the crew at Bike the Canfield Balance, our take on what a 27.5 all-mountain slaying machine should be. They put it through its paces and came away calling it, "...a shining, polished aluminum example of why small brands are so rad."
  • Canfield Brothers Announces First-Ever Factory Builds

    We’re excited to make the legendary performance of our frames accessible to more riders. While many riders enjoy the complete customization of a frame-up project, there are a lot of people looking for a solid build out of the box. Our goal was to put together bikes that we would ride, bikes without any ‘take-off’ parts, at a realistic price.
  • 2016 Canfield Balance Review | Bobby Michailides

    Team Rider Bobby Michailides couldn't wait to get his hands on the 2016 Canfield Balance, the latest 27.5 all-mountain/enduro bike from Canfield Brothers. After getting some time on it, he sent over his impressions. Spoiler alert: he is stoked!
  • Introducing the 2016 Canfield Balance - AM / Enduro

    Canfield Brothers introduces the 2016 Balance, a 27.5 All-mountain/enduro bike with 165 millimeters of travel and CBF suspension.
  • Team Rider Justin Brigandi's Canfield Balance Review

    First thing is first, the pedaling is unreal. It’s not the rigid hardtail feel you think you want but really is not ideal. It’s more of the ground sticking feeling you get on a 250F. You get no bob, no loss of power, just unbelievable traction climbing up the steepest and loosest climbs you can find. It can only be described as Eerie. 
  • Canfield Brothers Balance - In Stock!

    Utilizing a vertical wheel path, the Balance has a consistent feel, no matter where you are in the travel. A smooth, even, progression rate provides a supple feel off the top, mid-stroke support and ramp-up at the end to prevent harsh bottom outs.
  • just posted their review on the Canfield Balance

    I’m the kind of guy who loves to be spontaneous and when Lance Canfield gave me a call one morning and asked if I wanted to ride his Canfield Brothers’ Balance prototype in the Bootleg Canyon Banzai Enduro Race, you can imagine I was pretty stoked.