Canfield Bikes News

  • Introducing the 2016 Canfield Balance - AM / Enduro

    Canfield Brothers introduces the 2016 Balance, a 27.5 All-mountain/enduro bike with 165 millimeters of travel and CBF suspension.
  • Team Rider Justin Brigandi's Canfield Balance Review

    First thing is first, the pedaling is unreal. It’s not the rigid hardtail feel you think you want but really is not ideal. It’s more of the ground sticking feeling you get on a 250F. You get no bob, no loss of power, just unbelievable traction climbing up the steepest and loosest climbs you can find. It can only be described as Eerie. 
  • Canfield Brothers Balance - In Stock!

    Utilizing a vertical wheel path, the Balance has a consistent feel, no matter where you are in the travel. A smooth, even, progression rate provides a supple feel off the top, mid-stroke support and ramp-up at the end to prevent harsh bottom outs.
  • just posted their review on the Canfield Balance

    I’m the kind of guy who loves to be spontaneous and when Lance Canfield gave me a call one morning and asked if I wanted to ride his Canfield Brothers’ Balance prototype in the Bootleg Canyon Banzai Enduro Race, you can imagine I was pretty stoked.
  • We would like to welcome Justin Brigandi to the Canfield team!

    We would like to welcome Justin to our team of Canfield's US riders.