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Bobby M Balance

Team Rider Bobby Michailides couldn't wait to get his hands on the 2016 Canfield Balance, the latest 27.5 all-mountain/enduro bike from Canfield Brothers. After getting some time on it, he sent over his impressions. Spoiler alert: he is stoked!

I finally took my 2016 Balance out for its maiden voyage and I felt it was necessary for me to let you guys know that it rips! You guys crushed it!!! Huge high fives!!!

Coming off the 2015 Balance I noticed all the changes you guys made while building my new ride. From the little things like the cable routing and the change from ISCG-05  to ISCG tabs to the extra pedal clearance and detailed gusset. It all just came together so perfectly that I had a gut feeling that I was going to love this bike.

I ended up taking it out on a day that we decided to go ride some new trails in CT that are pretty techy. The terrain is flatish, with punchy hills loaded with square edge rocks and off camber roots. Lots of pedaling...One of my friends was on a 27.5 carbon fiber hardtail and the other two were on 120mm carbon fiber trail bikes. This isn't the typical terrain I ride.My Balance weighs in at 31.5lbs, has super gravity tires on, and I'm pushing a 34T front chainring so I expected that I would be doing a lot of riding by myself and possibly walking some of the punchier sections... Totally not the case.

Bobby Michailides at Mount Snow, VT.
Booby M

I was really surprised at how well I was able to keep the pace and how well the bike handled the techy sections. I had no doubt on how well the bike descends but it is so responsive on any terrain. I was power manualing through the rocks and crushing the hills while also descending with the most confidence of the group and hitting any line I chose without second guessing the bikes abilities. It's amazing. It gives back everything you put into it. It really does pedal like a trail bike and descend like a DH rig. 

We rode for 3 hours on trails that require a lot of pedaling and I never felt like I was riding the "wrong" bike. Nothing is better than knowing that this year I AM on the perfect ride! You guys found the balance. You nailed it. THANKS!

Bobby M Attitash

 by Bobby Michailides - Canfield Brothers Team Rider

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