A Look Back at the 2006 Canfield Balance - the Original 'Mini DH' Bike

2006 Canfield Balance
We recently introduced the 2020 Canfield Balance, the 4th generation of our signature all-mountain bike. But the lineage of the Balance can be traced back to 2006. Long before enduro was a bike category or race format, Canfield Brothers created the original Balance as a burly and versatile bike that could be ridden like a downhill bike, but pedaled to the top rather than rely on shuttles or chairlifts.

"It was at the forefront of the emerging 'mini DH' category," reflects Lance Canfield, owner and designer. "At that point in time, a 160-millimeter trail bike was fairly new. Most bikes then were single pivot and multi-link bikes had big downsides to their suspension. The Balance was one of the first to pedal well, squat slightly under braking and was very progressive."

Mini DH would become what we know as all-mountain and enduro today in the mountain bike world. 

The 2006 Balance featured travel that was adjustable between 160 and 147 millimeters, and adjustable dropouts that changed chainstay length from 16.25 to 16.75 inches. It was overbuilt to downhill standards, with 20-millimeter bearings used in all the pivots. 

It was designed around a 140-millimeter fork and the head angle sat at 67.3 or 68.3 degrees depending on the travel setting. But it was often built up with a bigger fork, like this "Do-It-All" Project build from featuring a Marzocchi 66 SL 1 ATA adjustable from 140 to 180 millimeters of travel.


2006 Canfield Balance



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2006 Canfield Balance Interbike

Today, the legend lives on. 
Canfield Balance ENDURO BIKE

[EXPLORE] 2020 Canfield Balance

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  • What are settings for 160mm and 147mm of rear travel ? There are 2 holes.

    Greg Omsta

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