Canfield Balance Review - NSMB.com

2020 Canfield Balance Review - NSMB.com

A while back, we sent a Limited Edition Canfield Balance to the crew at NSMB.com.

They spent a particularly wet season aboard the Balance on Vancouver's North Shore, the birthplace of freeride mountain biking. While terms like "enduro bike" get thrown around a lot these days, Canfield's freeride heritage is evident in every gusset and weld of the Balance. The NSMB crew got in touch with the sport's roots...and rocks, steeps and more aboard the Limited Edition's polished frame. 

"The Balance demanded my attention in the most polite way possible, by taking me to the edge of destruction and then returning me to earth safely."

Canfield Balance Review - NSMB.com

"The Canfield Balance is a heavy-hitting bruiser as it sits with the all-coil, all-alloy build. It apologizes for nothing while drinking all your beer out of your workshop fridge and you are happy just to be in its presence," NSMB wrote.

"Get it up to speed and enjoy a poppy playful ride, or manual for ages down some sweet-ass singletrack. It is not out of place anywhere, none. I'd bet as a lightweight build with some fast tires, you could slay some XC rides on it too."

Head on over to NSMB.com to read the full Canfield Balance review.

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Canfield Balance LE

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