Canfield Lithium Review - Beta MTB

Canfield Lithium Review | Beta MTB


Many of you have been asking for a review of our long-travel 29er, the Canfield Lithium. And Beta MTB has delivered just that. 

Having previously spent time on the Canfield Balance, gear editor Travis Engel was already familiar with CBF suspension and our approach to making an enduro bike that's just as fun as it is fast. So what did he think of the all-new Lithium?

"...it is on a whole other level," he writes, praising the supportive pedaling and dialed geo. "This bike really surprised me."

"The way this bike climbs opens it up not just to the shuttlers and enduro racers who would naturally be drawn to alloy coil-sprung 29ers, but also to adventurers who happen to like to mercilessly shred.


Canfield Lithium Review | Beta MTB

Beta went on to describe the Lithium's "best of both worlds" dual personality, and its ability to climb like a shorter travel bike while daring you to find its limits at the bike park, calling it both "planted" and "quick and light under foot."

"The Lithium is a bit of a unicorn," writes Engel.

Head on over to Beta MTB to read the full Canfield Lithium review.

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