Canfield ONE.2 Review - The Loam Wolf

Canfield ONE.2 Review - The Loam Wolf

When the known gravity junkies at The Loam Wolf wanted a chance to get sendy on the Canfield ONE.2, we couldn't say no.

How did the world's first CBF downhill bike perform on British Columbia's famed Sunshine Coast? Tester Rob Dunnet came away impressed by the build quality, attention to detail, CBF suspension, but most importantly, the confidence it inspired.

"Casing jumps, choosing bad lines, and generally riding like a hack are all erased by big wheels, long travel and four piston brakes. That said, I have ridden wagon wheel (29” wheels) DH bikes in the past and did not feel as confident on them as I do the ONE.2. I really seemed to gel with the suspension platform, frame dimensions, build kit and found myself pushing boundaries..."

Canfield ONE.2 Review - The Loam Wolf

"Is the Canfield One.2 the fountain of youth? Probably not for everyone, but it gave me back some youthful spirit," The Loam Wolf wrote. "The One.2 made it easier for me to look past the what ifs. What if my speed is bad? What if I do not jump far enough? Instead, the what ifs became, 'it has 29-inch wheels and 8” of travel, it’ll buff out and I’ll be fine.'"

Canfield ONE.2 Review - The Loam Wolf

"It is obvious that Canfield has thought about everything they could with the ONE.2. They have put the time in to build a visually stunning bike that is a blast to ride. My only complaint about the ONE.2 is that it arrived after the Whistler Bike Park was closed."

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29" or 27.5" // 203mm // CBF™

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