Canfield Lithium Flash Review - BLISTER

Canfield Lithium Flash Review - BLISTER

We sent our new long-travel 29er, the Canfield Lithium, over to the crew at BLISTER to rack up some miles in the mountains of Crested Butte right here in our home state of Colorado.

While the full review is still pending, tester Dylan Woods recently shared some initial impressions of his time aboard this big-wheeled CBF beast in a "Flash Review" and "Reviewer Reports" podcast.

You'll have to be a BLISTER member to access the full "Flash Review," but here's a sneak peek.

"First of all, the Lithium is a fun, capable bike on the descents. On steep, chunky trails, the Lithium stays well composed and carries speed well. However — and this is something I’ve really come to like about the Lithium — you don’t need to be pushing your limits on gnarly trails to be able to have a good time on it. On more mellow and flowy trails, the Lithium is pretty quick and nimble ... 

The Lithium wasn’t only impressive when descending, but it also climbed quite well. It had me feeling like I was climbing on a Trail bike, rather than an Enduro sled."

BLISTER members can read the full Canfield Lithium Flash Review here.

Dylan also discusses his time on the Lithium at the 12:05 mark in this "Reviewer Reports" episode of the "Bikes & Big Ideas" podcast below. 

Stay tuned for the full review.

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