Canfield Tilt Review - Vital MTB

Canfield Tilt Review | Vital MTB

We sent the Tilt, our all-new mid-travel 29er MTB, over to the crew at Vital MTB for a round of testing on some of Nevada and California's best mountain bike trails. They even entered an enduro race on our 138-millimeter trail bike.

Tester John Armbruster came away impressed not only with the climbing prowess of the CBF suspension, but how fun and capable the Tilt was, even questioning the need for more travel.

"Having fun on bikes is our way of life. The Canfield Tilt increased the amount of fun by a very noticeable factor. We thought we needed bigger bikes to handle the trails that we typically ride, but we were wrong."

Canfield Tilt Review | Vital MTB

The in-depth review covers setup, build spec, climbing and descending performance on a variety of terrain and technical spec. 

"The Tilt is a party on wheels," writes Vital. "It is super fun to point downhill through rock gardens and plays effortlessly off of jibs and jumps alike. Is it effortless to ride? Is any 29er effortless to manhandle through the turns at speed? The Tilt gets mighty close to checking 'Yes.'"

Head on over to Vital MTB to read to read full Canfield Tilt review.

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