Canfield Bikes News

  • VIDEO: 'Good Times, Better Lines.' - Freeriding in Southern Utah

    Lorin Whitaker and Lance Canfield visit southern Utah for some free riding on the Canfield Brothers Jedi.
  • Lorin Whitaker - Winter Daze

    Team rider Lorin Whitaker's new edit. We call him "Super Stoke" as it tough to think of anyone that is more amped on riding. There some zesty riding in this one!
  • Canfield Brothers Balance - In Stock!

    Utilizing a vertical wheel path, the Balance has a consistent feel, no matter where you are in the travel. A smooth, even, progression rate provides a supple feel off the top, mid-stroke support and ramp-up at the end to prevent harsh bottom outs.
  • Trailing Off - Island Singletrack

    I never thought I’d do this. My tires have been making the rhythmic sound of rubber peeling from asphalt for the last three hours. You could call it rolling, but I’m almost convinced the compound has adhesive properties.
  • VIDEO: "Winter In California" feat. the Canfield Jedi

    Does winter mean the end of riding season? Not in California! Check out this awesome riding edit with some killer CANFIELD JEDI action.
  • Lance like to jump a 29er

    New youtube vid of Lance jumping the Yelli Screamy [Click Here to View on YouTube]
  • Canfield DJ Proto