VIDEO: Canfield ONE.2 'Super Enduro'

Follow along as Lance Canfield takes the world's first CBF™ downhill bike for a casual pedal on some of Grand Junction's most iconic terrain including the Ribbon Trail and Free Lunch. Yes, we used "downhill bike" and "pedal" in the same sentence.

By default, the ONE.2 is a 29-inch downhill bike with 203-millimeters of travel. But thanks to the ultra-efficient patented CBF™ suspension and upright riding position, it can be set up to earn its turns. Rear travel can be reduced to 190 millimeters by short-stroking the shock. Pair it with a single-crown fork, dropper post and wide-range cassette, and you’ve got a pedal-able "super enduro" machine that’s part monster truck, part billy goat.

Can your DH bike do this?

Rider: Lance Canfield
Video: Don Stefanovich
Location: Grand Junction, CO.
Trails: Ribbon Trail, Free Lunch, Pucker Up, Moto
Music: "Associative Forces" - Hit The Switch

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  • This looks interesting I had an 2012 original one and a 17 balance, what size frame is this and what did the built weight come in at?

  • I know it’s harder than it looks, but those trails look so smooth! I’m sick of this East Coast root fest!

    ROCCO William RUSSO
  • Hi, Geri.

    We ship direct, worldwide!

    Shoot us an email and we can get you a shipping quote.

    Canfield Bikes
  • How to get one in Europe?


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