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Canfield Bikes News

  • Canfield Welcomes Vin Q and Sean Gollub to the Team

    With life comes change and with change comes new adventures. Canfield would like to introduce and welcome Vin Quenneville, (Killingtonvt on the forums), to the Canfield Brothers team. Vin has been a long-time friend, customer and brand ambassador, so when we found out he was leaving Killington and planning a move to Bellingham, WA, we jumped at the opportunity to bring him on board.
  • World Cup riders get their 2012 rides!

    A little delayed for the 1st world cup of the year, (ah customs) But ready for action, 2012 Jedi's have met their new pilots!
  • Lance Interviewed at the Factory

    Josh over at Cane Creek brought this one to our attention. Lance was interviewed at the factory for a publication based in Taiwan. Looking good Lance!
  • Congratulations to Jackie Harmony!

    Canfield would like to congratulate Jackie Harmony on her impressive win at the Pan Am DH Competition. She registered a solid showing by beating the elite women's field by 8 seconds on her 2011 Formula 1 Jedi.

  • The French love to pedal! GO PAU - way to win another race on the Can-Can.

    Pau Reixachs of Allriders Agency has been riding for Canfield Brothers for the last 2 years. He races endurance races and downhill. He just won an...
  • Go Little Jedi Go!!!!

    Our Sponsored Rider- Celine Gros just qualified 3rd at Maribor. Good luck today in the Final!
  • Canfield welcomes aboard Britney White!

    We would like to welcome pro rider Britney White onboard the Canfield team! Believe us when we say this girl is a ripper.
  • Big thanks to Patrick from ELKA suspension!

    We would like to that Patrick from Elka suspension for providing awesome support as we continue to work on custom tunes for the stage 5 shock specifically for the Jedi.
  • Mitch Ropelato's Quiver

    The competition requires the best in equipment. For Mitch Ropelato, that means having a quiver of bikes capable of tackling every condition. The following is the Canfield bikes Mitch has been running in this year's races.
  • Mitch Ropelato Snowmass National Junior X DH 1st place and Pro Men's 4x 3rd place!

    Snowmass National race presented a challenge to riders with a wide-open arm-pump inducing top section and difficult tree sections that made pinning a hot time something for the pros. A difficult section nick-named “Hell's Kitchen” ate up an increasing number of riders throughout the practice.
  • Ricky Medina wins New Mexico Overall Super D State Championship in open mens category!

    Smooth rider Ricky Medina killing it on the Super D course taking him to the State Championship! Canfield would like to give it up to Ricky for being an awesome rider and the epitome of what we here at Canfield think a sponsored rider should be! Way to go Medina!
  • Mitch Ropelato gets a custom Canfield

    For some time now Mitch Ropelato has been killing it on the race scene. Canfield has created a custom 4x frame for him to race with! With Mitch's input, we have been designing this frame to be the ultimate in 4x perfection.