Mitch Ropelato Snowmass National Junior X DH 1st place and Pro Men's 4x 3rd place!

Snowmass National race presented a challenge to riders with a wide-open arm-pump inducing top section and difficult tree sections that made pinning a hot time something for the pros. A difficult section nick-named “Hell's Kitchen” ate up an increasing number of riders throughout the practice. In contains a mandatory steep drop section that left many riders in arm slings. Unfortunately in practice Mitch caught his front wheel right before this section and flipped head first over the drop. The end result was a separated shoulder and a ton of road rash. Not to slow him down, Mitch went on to compete that night in the Pro Men's 4x and ended up in 3rd place overall. The next day he placed first in Junior X DH seconds ahead of the competition. Canfield would like to congratulate Mitch on his victory! Amazing to see a rider go down hard and brush it off and get right back up and go!


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