Canfield Welcomes Vin Q and Sean Gollub to the Team

With life comes change and with change comes new adventures. Canfield would like to introduce and welcome Vin Quenneville, (Killingtonvt on the forums), to the Canfield Brothers team. Vin has been a long-time friend, customer and brand ambassador, so when we found out he was leaving Killington and planning a move to Bellingham, WA, we jumped at the opportunity to bring him on board.

Vin Quenneville   
Vin Quenneville Circa 2007, on his Lucky | Vin SENDING IT in the LoopsClassic Kamloops Booter
Classic Kamloops, BC Booter

Earlier this year Canfield Brothers brought Sean Gollub into the team. Sean is our customer relations, tech support, and shipping guru. He brings a stoke that's hard to resist and he sends it to flat just for fun.


The One and Only - Sean Gollub | Getting Zesty in Jackson  

Monsieur Gollub | Full Pinned

Both Sean and Vin are passionate riders and are key to the continued success of Canfield. Welcome to the team guys, we are thrilled to have you on board!

- Lance and Chris

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