Canfield Bikes News

  • Jedi Review in Decline

    Check out the November/December issue of Decline featuring a two-page review of our Formula 1 Jedi!
  • World Cup riders get their 2012 rides!

    A little delayed for the 1st world cup of the year, (ah customs) But ready for action, 2012 Jedi's have met their new pilots!
  • 2012 F1 Jedi Frames in STOCK!

    The wait is over everyone! Our 2012 Jedi frames have arrived. Call or email for more info and availability
  • Does the mountain bike riding end this time of year for everyone???

    NO.....Awesome riding edit with some JEDI action......Wintertime riding!  Cali big surprise!
  • VIDEO: "Winter In California" feat. the Canfield Jedi

    Does winter mean the end of riding season? Not in California! Check out this awesome riding edit with some killer CANFIELD JEDI action.
  • Canfield Action in the Tetons!

    Fall time, Teton pass, Canfield Jedi...easy living!

  • A Lovely Ladies bike!

    Here is Michelle's new Jedi build (Lance's girlfriend).  I must say, looking pretty pimp with those carbon wheels and little white bits!  Keep it throttling, Michelle!

  • We love our customer pics...

    Here is a great example of the 2011 Jedi. Thanks for the pics, Michael. Enjoy that beauty this summer!
  • Shock Bolt Problems - Replacements on the way!

    We are seeing an abnormal number of 2011 Jedi and ONE shock bolts breaking. Mostly the heads are breaking off. We stand behind our frames 100% and are currently sending out replacement BOLTS now!
  • Congratulations to Jackie Harmony!

    Canfield would like to congratulate Jackie Harmony on her impressive win at the Pan Am DH Competition. She registered a solid showing by beating the elite women's field by 8 seconds on her 2011 Formula 1 Jedi.

  • Frames are here!

    I just got word that Jedi and One frame have landed. We will receive them on Monday the 11th and will be shipping ASAP. To everyone that pre-ordered, a BIG thanks and enjoy.
  • The Left side of Barlett's Wash has a new name!

    I heard from the boys in Moab that a trail was going to be named after our bike - but WHOOO, I am so stoked to really see it!