2013 Jedis Have Arrived!

Our new Jedis have just landed. The 2013’s feature a sleek new CNC’d upper link, which allowed us to anodize the links and give the Jedi’s a fresh new look.

2013 frame colors are Ano Black with polished graphics and Ano Silver. The new anodized link options are Black, Silver, Red, and Blue. We also have 3 limited link colors - Powder Coated Turquoise, Ano Green and Ano Orange.

In addition, we are stoked to announce our new partnership with Cane Creek. Not only are our 2013 Jedi’s going to include a Double Barrel, but they will ship preset to Lance’s personal settings. Cane Creek is also packaging our shocks with Base Tune Cards so you will always have these settings as a reference.

The Double Barrels and the new MRP G3’s will be arriving later this week. Pre-orders will begin to ship starting February 4th. If you have been waiting to place your 2013 Jedi order, now is your time!

Please call 801-548-2556 or email us at sales@canfieldbikes.com for more details.

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