The Ultimate 2024 MTB Father's Day Gift Guide

Rad dads deserve rad gifts! This Father's Day, ditch the tie and share the stoke with something special from Canfield Bikes. Whether dad's a seasoned rider or new to the sport, the right mountain biking gifts can not only bring a smile to his face but upgrade his riding experience. 

At Canfield Bikes, we pride ourselves on quality and innovation. Our reputation for excellence is built on our commitment to crafting top-notch bikes and components.

Here’s our guide to the best gifts from Canfield Bikes:

Crampon Ultimate and Mountain Pedals

Our pedals offer exceptional grip, stability and reduced pedal strikes, making every ride more enjoyable.

• Lighter weight
• Thinner profile (great for tight trails and clearance)
• 15 colors


• Larger platform (better for bigger feet or those who want more contact patch)
• Sealed ball bearing on outboard side for longer service intervals
• 15 colors

"On the trail I have really enjoyed both sets of pedals. I always feel solidly connected to the bike and subtle inputs from my feet produce the desired result on the dirt. If there's something about these pedals that's unworthy of my adoration, it has yet to reveal itself. They've proven to be be tough, sticky, thin and easy to maintain."


Canfield SDG Bel-Air V3 Lux-Alloy Saddle (Limited Edition)

One of SDG's most popular MTB seats, combined with the classic Skully logo for an understated yet unmistakable custom look.

• Comfort and Support: Comfort flex rails to maximize comfort, especially on long rides.
• Sleek Design with Durability: A slim profile for a modern look without sacrificing comfort and sonic welded edges for increased durability.

"The Canfield SDG Bel-Air Lux-Alloy Saddle is a dream come true for riders. It delivers all-day comfort on long rides, and the sleek design keeps it from hanging on your shorts. Bonus points for the durable construction. This saddle has been a favorite of mine since the Rampage days!"
-Lance Canfield


Canfield AM & DH Cranks

In line with the forward thinking of market-leading Crampon pedal series, Canfield was the first mountain bike brand to produce a high-quality crank using a modern spindle standard in lengths all the way down to 150-millimeters.

• Increased Ground Clearance: Reduce the likelihood of hitting your pedals on rocks or roots.
• Improved Knee Biomechanics: Allows a more natural angle that helps eliminate knee pain while riding.

"I wasn’t really sure if I’d feel a difference ... It made a huge difference! I’ve learned that my body is happier with the shorter cranks."
-Hardtail Party


Canfield Special Blend Stem

Precision machined for the optimal combination of strength, weight and aesthetics, Canfield Special Blend stems are the perfect pieces to tie any cockpit together.

• Durable Material: Made with 7075 Aluminum to withstand the toughest of terrain
• Rounded Design: A gnarly crash resulting in a deep cut above his knee during a RedBull Rampage run led Lance to design a stem that's less likely to ruin a fun ride from a whack to the stem.
• Available in single-crown trail and direct-mount DH versions.

"Without sharp exposed edges, this stem gives me the confidence to constantly push my riding to the next level."
-Lance Canfield



Bikes & Framesets

25% off complete bikes // 20% off framesets and frame, fork & shock options.

For the ultimate gift, consider a complete bike from Canfield, designed from the ground up for exceptional performance and reliability. Framesets are also available if dad's looking to replace his current rig and swap over some parts for a low-cost, high-quality upgrade.

Patented CBF Suspension Design
Increased pedaling efficiency and reduced pedal kickback to keep you glued to the pedals under hard compressions.

TILT // Trail

29" WHEELS // 138MM REAR // 140MM FRONT
The Tilt is a mid-travel 29-inch mountain bike designed from the dirt up to be the most fun you can have on two wheels, whether it’s an after-work rip or an all-day epic.



LITHIUM // Enduro

29" WHEELS // 163MM REAR // 170MM FRONT
From enduro stages to bike park laps and backcountry adventures, the Lithium is a big-wheeled warrior ready for anything the mountain throws your way. The 430-millimeter chainstays make last-second maneuvers and manuals second nature, and a 64.5-degree head angle paired with a 170-millimeter fork makes any line choice possible.



BALANCE // Enduro/Freeride

27.5" WHEELS // 169MM REAR // 170MM FRONT
The Balance is our idea of what an all-mountain bike should be: just as capable of flagrant disregard for line choice and taking big hits in stride as it is of getting you to the top under your own power. Burly enough for bell-to-bell bike-park laps, efficient enough to earn its turns. Did we mention it's mulletable?


More Great Gift Ideas


Keep him stylish and comfortable with a rad Canfield jersey, hoodie, socks or t-shirt.


Canfield Water Bottle or Tumbler

Stay hydrated on the go with our durable and convenient water bottles and tumblers.



Keep dad rollin' with killer discounts on a fresh set of hoops.



Add the perfect accent to pop's ride with a Canfield clamp available in nine colors.



Give the gift of choice with a Canfield Bikes gift card!

Still have questions or not sure what to get him?
Drop us a line and we'd be happy to help!

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