NSMB.com Reviews Canfield Crampon Ultimate and Mountain Flat Pedals

MTB Flat Pedal Review | Canfield Crampon Mountain and Ultimate Pedals - NSMB.com

NSMB.com recently got down and dirty with the Canfield Crampon Ultimate and Crampon Mountain flat pedals. From several months of abuse in wet and grimy North Shore conditions, to a full tear down and rebuild, they put our best-selling MTB pedals to the test.

We know that Crampons are some of the best (and thinnest) flat pedals on the market, but what did the NSMB.com think?

"On the trail I have really enjoyed both sets of pedals. I always feel solidly connected to the bike and subtle inputs from my feet produce the desired result on the dirt. If there's something about these pedals that's unworthy of my adoration, it has yet to reveal itself. They've proven t to be be tough, sticky, thin and easy to maintain." 

Canfield Crampon Ultimate Rebuild


For the deep dive, head on over to the site to read the full review.

[READ] "REVIEW AND TEARDOWN: Canfield Crampon Ultimate and Mountain Flat Pedals" - NSMB.com 


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  • Hi,
    Any chance to buy the Crampon MTN service kit also in europe? Love the pedals but paying more for shipping and handling than the service kit I do not like. Thanks!

    Guido Schnider

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