Canfield Lithium Review - BLISTER

Canfield Lithium Review - Blister

The crew over at BLISTER has spent a good chunk of the season shredding the bike park and high-alpine mountain-bike trails of Crested Butte aboard the Lithium, our long-travel 29er.

They shared some initial stoke in a Flash Review a little while back, and finally published the full Canfield Lithium review.

Testers Dylan Wood, Eric Freeson and Luke Coppa came away impressed with the smart build spec, geometry, handling and performance of the CBF suspension both climbing and descending.

"I almost never used the climb switch on the MRP Hazzard Coil on the Lithium — it just didn’t feel necessary," writes Wood. 

Luke echoed his sentiments: "The Lithium feels very efficient on the pedals without making it very difficult to maintain traction on loose, techy climbs."

Canfield Lithium Review | Long Travel 29er Enduro Bike | Blister

Testers were even more impressed descending on our 29er enduro bike, praising the traction and braking of the CBF as well as how well the bike cornered thanks to its dialed geometry. They also noted that while it likes to go fast, it didn't seem like too much bike on mellower trails.

"With plenty of squish and big 29” wheels, the Lithium was definitely a great bike for going all-out and taking chances. And yet, I also didn’t feel that I needed to be going really hard at all times to enjoy the ride."

"One of the first things I noticed when riding the Lithium was how well it cornered. Of all the long-travel 29ers I’ve been on, I think the Lithium takes the cake when it comes to cornering confidence," writes Wood.

"The Lithium is a fast bike on the descents — but it doesn’t need to be pushed hard for you to feel it come alive, so its speed can be deceptive," Freese writes. "Aboard the Lithium, I was setting quick times on trails I ride frequently, but I wasn’t feeling like I was pushing the envelope of physical output to do so. In particular, I think a lot of this comes down to Lithium’s strong ability to maintain exit speed out of corners."

Read the full Canfield Lithium review over at BLISTER now.

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Canfield Lithium Long-Travel 29er

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