Canfield Crampon Mountain: Introducing Our Largest Flat Pedal To Date

Canfield Brothers Crampon Mountain

Canfield Brothers Crampon Mountain Set

The Crampon Mountain shares many of the features that make the Crampon Ultimate one of the best pedals on the market, including the patented convex shape, ultra-thin 6-millimeter leading edges and double sided pins for easy removal, combined with a fresh new look, an even larger 112-millimeter by 106-millimeter platform and virtually maintenance free internals that utilizes a bushing at the axle side and stacked bearings at the end internally.

“The Mountain is the culmination of years spent designing and testing flat pedals, and incorporates the best features of the Crampon line,” says Lance Canfield, Canfield Brothers co-owner and designer. “Whether you’re trail riding or downhill racing, there really isn’t a better combination of traction, support and on-the-bike feel—especially in something this thin, durable and low maintenance.”

● 400 grams
● 106mm x 112mm wide platforms
● Thin 6mm front impact edges
● Hybrid sealed bearings/DU bushing system
● Chromoly axle
● Replaceable dual sided pins
● Patented convex shape
● Anodized finish, available in 11 colors
● $149 US Retail


Canfield Brothers Crampon Mountain Colors

*Special thanks to Keith Pool for the action photography.

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