Guerrilla Gravity Downtube Protector

Guerrilla Gravity Downtube Protector

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Fits all Guerrilla Gravity Revved carbon front triangles.

If you have an alloy chainstay then this works for you bike.

Using Prep 94 adhesive will give the best result. Not included 

Please use the following installation instructions when you receive your replacement downtube, chainstay and seatstay protector:

  1. Clean the footprint of the protector being installed on the frame with isopropyl alcohol. Try to remove any residual adhesive on the frame. When the isopropyl has dried, apply a layer of the Prep 94 to the footprint of the protector. 
  2. Remove the backing of the adhesive on the protector.
  3. Install the protector on the frame using a significant amount of clamping force. Your hand will work fine, otherwise you can use a rolling pin or other roller to apply concentrated force. The goal is to achieve 15 PSI of force on the adhesive.