E*Thirteen LG1 Plus Enduro (aluminum)
All-aluminum hubs maximize durability, wide flange and bearing structure provides a strong and nearly dishless wheel build, and 30mm inner width rims provide the perfect platform for tires 2.3-2.6" wide. Long-term durability built in a way that won't break the bank. Tubeless ready with tape and valves included.

Hubs: Boost 148x12 rear, Boost 110x15 front. Triple-sealed, fully machined aluminum hub w/6 degree engagement. 6-bolt rotor mount.
• Driver: XD™ only.
Rims: 30mm internal width, aluminum, welded, hookless, 28-hole
• Build: Custom Hive triple-butted black steel spokes, black alloy nipples, nipple washers (x28).
• Weight - Front 29": 998g - Rear 29": 1,128g (2,126g per set 29")
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Atomik AL30 Trail/AM (aluminum)
Designed to handle the abuse of modern trail and all-mountain riding, the AL30 is crafted from 6069 series aluminum for an optimal strength-to-weight ratio resulting in bombproof performance and reliability without the uphill penalty. Backed by a two-year limited warranty to the original owner, the AL30 is a feature-packed, performance driven, no compromises wheelset.

• Hubs: Industry 9 1/1. Boost 148x12 rear, Boost 110x15 front, dual phased-pawl drive mechanism accomplishing 90 POE and 4° engagement. 6-bolt rotor mount.
• Driver: XD™ only.
• Rims: 30mm internal width, aluminum, 32-hole.
• The Build: Handbuilt in the US with Sapim Race spokes, brass nipples.
• Weight -  2,178g per set, 29"
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RideFast LocoMoto 29 (aluminum)
Engineered to track well in rough, high-speed, terrain and during hard cornering, the Loco's rim shape and depth combined with their hooked bead makes them laterally and torsionally stiff while also offering a forgiving amount of vertical compliance. Ride quality is tuned & improved through the use of SPM™ straight-pull hubs, 28 Sapim Race double-butted spokes, and tightly controlled spoke tensions. The 30mm internal width of the Locomoto is ideal for tires ranging from 2.25" to 2.6". 

• Hubs: Boost 148x12 rear, Boost 110x15 front, 72pts (5º) Engagement, Titanium Freehub. Centerlock rotor mount (6-bolt adaptors available).
• Driver: XD™ only.
• Rims: 30mm Internal Right Wide™ Enduro Width, aluminum 28-hole.
• The Build: Sapim Race (298mm), Sapim, SecureLock, PolyAx, Hex Head, 14mm, Alloy, Shipped with Nut Jobs™ Valves & Ride Lock™ Tape.
• Weight: 1,990g per set
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Atomik AM32 AM/Enduro (carbon) 
Atomik Carbon’s burliest all-mountain/enduro rim, the AM32 is designed to take what today’s mid to long-travel bikes can dish out. Featuring an asymmetric design, spoke tensions are more even which builds a stronger wheel while directional drilling aids in alleviating the additional stress placed on the nipple/spoke bed interface. Atomik’s trusted hookless profile featuring oversized 3.25-millimeter sidewalls has been stretched to a 38.5-millimeter rim design boasting an interior width of 32 millimeters to accommodate high-volume and WT tires for optimal footprint and traction and crafted from an entirely new layup that favors strength and stiffness over shaving grams.

• Hubs: Industry 9 Hydra. Boost 148x12 rear, Boost 110x15 front, 32 hole, 0.52° engagement. Black (other color option availability may vary, special order). 6-bolt rotor mount.
• Driver: Multiple Options, availability may vary (special order)
• Rims: 32mm internal width, hookless, UD Matte Carbon, tubeless ready. Silver Decals (other color option availability may vary, special order). Lifetime warranty.
• The Build: Handbuilt in the US with Sapim Race spokes, brass nipples.
• Weight: 1,928g per set, 29"
• Special Order: This item is ordered to spec and may have longer lead times depending on availability.
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