Winter Relief, testing The One!

I couldn't take it, the little snow we have is melting and there's nothing to ride in Jackson. Michelle had booked a clinic with Gene at Better Ride, so I tagged along getting three days of nice weather and sick riding. Chris has been working to get me this frame and a week ago it showed up.



It was a bit of a scramble to get the parts to build it up but I was missing only one part that my friend Jeff at All Mountain Cyclery had, to my surprise. Who has a Chris King inset upper cup for a tapered head tube? Jeff had 3, Black, Pink, and my Navy! YES! AMC was nice enough to let me use the press and I was good to go. I took it up Girl Scout to start, around Caldera and back on West Leg. Sweet ride and loving the new frame. Saturday we got a little rain and the trails actually had what resembles grip. The smell of rain in the desert is something that must be experienced.


I couldn't get enough, I rode some classics like Armageddon and Poop Shoot, a new, to me, a cutoff that leads to the bottom half of Ginger (you get the last two supersweet drops without all the danger stuff) and as always the Birthing Canal. All the Lake View trails where buff as ever and so much fun with all the rollers. Jeff took me down Power Pole which hadn't been on in years. I forgot how fun that one is and the mountain goats are everywhere on that trail right now! I even got a lap in on West Leg right before dark. I feel like a glutton, there were only a couple trails I missed but still not feeling quite done.


The ride? Canfield Brothers One. What's it for? Anything a you you want! Up or down, don't let your bike rob your energy. Charging corners and going big, feel confident in your bike because we have our back. Canfield Brothers, Rider owned, Designed, analyzed, scrutinized, re-designed and pimped out just for you!

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