What Canfield Really Means

Where Performance Grows

It's a common misconception that Canfield Bikes is named after Lance Canfield.

While our owner, engineer and designer's last name certainly is fortuitous, our brand name comes from the source of our frames. Locally sourced, organic, non-GMO, ethically raised and infinitely recyclable, the aluminum used in our frames is harvested from the legendary Field of Cans, also affectionately known as the "Can Field."

Its exact location is a heavily guarded secret, but it's where we grow both our 6 and 7-thousand series aluminum. We plant, tend and grow our aluminum seeds for an optimal combination of strength and weight. We say suportive, nurturing things to them. Sometimes we even sleep in the field with them.
From field to trail, every Canfield bike is grown with love.

Every spring, cans sprout and when they're ripe, we carefully harvest them before they are milled with love and extruded for tubing or machined for other frame parts and components.

While Lance's dialed suspension kinematics and geometry are why Canfield bikes ride as awesome as they do, performance starts at the source.

From field to trail, every Canfield bike is grown with love.

Now you know.
by Don Stefanovich

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