We would like to welcome Matt Lareau to the Team!

We would like to officially welcome Matt Lareau to the team as our engineering intern for 2013. Lareau is a student at UVM and has raced for Vin's old shop, True Wheels in VT over the last 4 seasons. He has also been a Canfield customer since 2010. You may have seen Lareau in our “Jedi Through the Woods” vid last summer and his 2012 Jedi is featured in our Jedi product video.

Lareau 3

Lareau is going to be helping us with several projects this summer including new component designs as well as working with Lance on our current bike projects.

“We are very excited to have Lareau on board as he is an absolute ripper and he really understands the demands of what our products go through. I have worked with him for a long time and I’m very stoked to have him as part of our team for the summer, here in Washington." - Vin

Lareau 5

Lareau 2

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