We Welcome BC's Steve Wong To The Canfield Team

Steve Wong Cypress

Steve Wong

Born and raised in East Vancouver, I now reside close to the trails in North Vancouver.

I started riding mountain bikes at 14 years old, (I am now 32), on a hand me down steel, fully rigid bike. I joined a mountain bike club in high school and my very first ride I had no idea what to expect. I struggled immensely on that first outing, but I was addicted. There was something so special about the calm of the wilderness and the challenges you overcome on a psychological and physical level. Riding soon became an obsession. Outside of work, my life revolved around biking and every bit of spare time that I had I was on my bike.

In 2008 I moved to North Vancouver, the mecca of mountain biking. I got to know my local bike shop really well and humbly received my first ambassador sponsorship through them. As the years went by, I became more and more involved with the community, from trail building to testing prototypes to coaching mountain bike skill camps.

I started racing some of the BC DH circuits in 2011, which is when I first heard of Canfield Brothers. A friend of mine, Jay Louden of Loudenterprise (the neutral tech support at most of the BC Cup DH races), rode their downhill machine, the Jedi. Jay introduced me to Vin, the sales and operations manager at Canfield Brothers. We became fast friends, and he introduced me to Lance and Chris, the namesakes of the company. Over the past two years, a solid relationship formed, and I saw how much they genuinely care about their customers’ satisfaction and the details they put into every one of their products. The family feel to the company led me to confidently and passionately support them as one of their Canadian ambassadors.

Steve Wong Canfield Brothers Balance

In 2015 I will be mainly racing the BC Enduro series and the Sea to Sky Enduro series. I am currently training with Marx Conditioning to regain my strength and fitness that I lost due to an injury while racing at Sunpeaks this year.

After 18 years, several injuries, many broken bikes, and a few races here I am, still as passionate as ever thanks to the great support of friends, the biking community, and companies over the years.

2015 Sponsors:
Canfield Brothers – Bikes
Suspension Werx – Fox and Cane Creek suspension
Bicycle Hub – Race tuning and repairs

See you on the trails.

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