Two weeks of racin'

For the past two weekends, Chris Canfield has been travelin' the wild west to race at White Pine and Pomerelle.

At White Pine, Saturday's race was for the Wyoming State Championship where Chris took first! Sunday's race was part of the Utah Downhill Series and despite pinnin' to win Chris was bested only by Ben Kraner, last year's Utah and Wyoming State Champion.


This past weekend at Pomerelle was a double race and after placing third on saturday behind Ben Kraner(2nd) and Dave Beeson(1st) and second on sunday behind Dave Beeson again Chris had enough points to lock up the Utah State Championship! The racing was extremely tight and the top three were only separated by hundredths (.08) of a second! Chris would like to thank his sponsors Elka suspension, Optic Nerve, Deity Components, Guayaki Yurba Maté, and MRP! 


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