Trail Building in Jackson Wyoming.

The riding in Jackson is going off! I moved up here 4 years ago, the riding was just getting good and the Teton Freedom Riders were working hard to get the trails legal. So Saturday was the first TFR dig day of 2009 and we had a good turnout. We worked on adding a few jumps on the Parallel Trail and putting a nice dent in the Coach's PBR supply.

If your struggling to have legal trails in your area, look into what the Teton Freedom Riders have been doing, working with the Forest Service and the community in improving downhill biking.  http://www.tetonfreedomrider.org/

Special thanks to Mike at Peaked Sports for providing a pile of swag!


Dig day is a activity for all ages!



It's not all hard work and no fun.good-time-diggin1

Trail master Harland, showing us the right way to dig.


We got a rock over here!move-that-rock1

Clay to the rescue!tough-guy-clay1

Great giveaway items from Peaked Sports Mike. I got a nice little Fox jersey for the GF.give-aways-and-jumps1

This is never going to work! Who's first?



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