Singletracks Gets First Look at Canfield ONE.2 Downhill Bike In Sedona

Canfield ONE.2 DH Bikes - Sedona - Singletracks
Photo: Matt Miller, Singletracks

"Canfield Bikes has an all new rig out, the ONE.2 downhill bike. The ONE.2 is designed around eight-inches of travel, front and rear, and is made for both 29″ and 27.5″ wheels, or a combination. This DH bike from Canfield is also designed around the Canfield Balance Formula linkage, bringing an efficient pedaling platform to the big bike."


Lance Canfield on the ONE.2 in Sedona

Canfield Balance | Sedona MTB Festival | SingletracksPhotos: Matt Miller, Singletracks

Head over to Singletracks to see more of the ONE.2 and the Limited Edition Balance.

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