Introducing DVO Rear Shock Options

Canfield Brothers Riot - DVO TopazCanfield Brothers Toir* featuring DVO Topaz T3 Air

We're stoked to announce that we will now be offering Toir* and Balance frames and Factory Builds with the DVO Suspension Topaz T3 Air shock as standard equipment, and the Jade coil shock as an available upgrade for an additional $100!

The performance and tuneability offered by DVO is the perfect compliment to the our patented CBF suspension, and we're excited to make such a premium suspension product an off-the-shelf option.

[caption id="attachment_11308" align="aligncenter" width="600"]DVO Topaz T3 - Canfield Brothers DVO Topaz T3 Air

The DVO Topaz T3 Air shock features “on the fly” compression and rebound adjustment, as well as both positive and negative air volume tuning for a more progressive or linear feel. Bladder pressure adjustment allows for fine tuning of small bump compliance and damping. Other features include a high-volume piston, cooling fins and Trelleborg seals.

DVO Jade Coil - Canfield Brothers DVO Jade Coil

The DVO Jade Coil shock features an externally adjustable shim stack for easy tuning and loader style compression circuits. A stiction-free compression bladder allows riders to dial in small bump compliance. Other features include a high-flow piston and cooling fins.

“All of us at DVO Suspension are extremely excited to be expanding our strong partnership with Canfield Brothers,” said Bryson Martin Jr., DVO’s marketing manager.

“DVO Suspension and Canfield Brothers share the same design philosophy of engineering and designing products from the rider’s perspective. The mutual mindset of creating products for riders, by riders is what makes the partnership so special. Canfield Brothers bikes have played a major role in the development of our suspension products. We genuinely feel that the suspension kinematics are some of the best in the industry and mate with our shocks perfectly. Their designs allow the shock to work how it’s designed to. The linkage design doesn’t over-work the shock or mask it with any ‘funky performance features.’ You get absolute performance without all the gimmicks.”

Canfield Brothers Balance - DVO TopazCanfield Brothers Balance featuring DVO Topaz T3 Air

Riot and Balance frames and Factory Builds will be available with the DVO Topaz T3 Air or optional Jade coil upgrade in the Canfield Brothers webstore beginning immediately. The Cane Creek DB Air CS will still be available as a standard option at no additional charge. The PUSH Industries Eleven Six coil shock is also available as an upgrade for an additional charge.

DVO Diamond and Emerald forks are also available with frame packages and Factory Builds.

*Due to a trademark conflict, the Canfield Brothers Riot was renamed the Toir in May, 2017.

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