INTERVIEW: Lance Canfield Joins Blister's "Bikes & Big Ideas" Podcast

Lance Canfield recently sat down with the crew from Blister Gear Review for their "Bikes & Big Ideas podcast."

On the podcast's 45th episode, Lance and Blister founder Jonathan Ellsworth discussed everything from jumping off roofs on old-school mountain bikes to competing in the original Red Bull Rampage, MTB industry trends and the design of the latest Canfield Bikes, the Tilt and Lithium.  

Give it a listen in the player above or by heading over to the Blister "Bikes & Big Ideas" page. 

[LISTEN] "BLISTER: "Bikes & Big Ideas" - Lance Canfield


  • Origins of Canfield Bikes (3:35)
  • Getting into bikes, jumping off roofs (8:49)
  • Competing at Rampage in its first years (16:49)
  • Move to Fruita (26:23)
  • Describe the Canfield customer (28:28)
  • The 20/21 Canfield lineup (32:25)
  • Thoughts on the mtn bike industry today (46:28)
  • What’s your current big idea? (51:30)
The Blister "Bikes & Big Ideas" podcast is also available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.


  • Hey, John!

    Both DVO and Ohlins make a great product that really complement our bikes very well. We are already offering Ohlins on our ONE.2 DH bike, and it seemed like a great match for the Lithium.

    Parts availability is another part of the equation. As you may know, there are a lot of delays in the industry currently as ripple effects of the initial COVID impact. In addition to great performance, we went to great lengths to spec parts that would not delay us in getting bikes to our customers ASAP in the spring!

    Canfield Bikes
  • I was wondering why Canfield dropped DVO and went with Ohlins on their latest offerings?

    John Lemke

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