Nimble 9 Steel Singlespeed Review: Hardtail Party

You might know by now that our legendary steel hardtail mountain bike—the Canfield Nimble 9—has been in the hands of Hardtail Party for review. We recently shared the First Look unboxing and build video (in case you missed it, you can check it out here). 

In this follow-up video, Steve rides and reviews the N9 as a singlespeed MTB. Spoiler alert: he loves it.

"This Nimble 9 is so special. I do not want to give it back, and that's saying something. It is so much fun. This bike has some secret sauce going on and I don't know what voodoo they conjured up to make this happen..."

Scope the full review in the video above or head on over to join the Hardtail Party on Youtube here.


Canfield Nimble 9 Steel Hardtail

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  • Do you know these will be back in stock?

    John Harfouch

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