Hammer ON!

Hey web world, this is the intern Andrew letting you know that we have successfully mounted and raced a Hammerschmidt Crankset on Chris's Formula One Jedi. Slight modification to the backing plate was all the was required to mount it properly. Chris raced the set up the following day at the Bountiful Downhill Race and won first place in the Pro Men's Category with a considerable 8-second lead over second place. The Hammerschmidt allowed for instantaneous shifting from an out of the gate speed to full-on pinner gear. It provided Chris the ability to downshift and get extra cranks into spots that were unable to previously. After racing and riding it multiple times Chris continues to praise the instantaneous speed of the system. It gives an exceptional feeling with no noticeable difference to suspension performance when compared to a traditional front ring/guide combo. Adding the Hammerschmidt to the Jedi opens up a world of possibility allowing for climbing gears so that it can become a better self-shuttling bike.

We have attached a picture of the system for your enjoyment. Feel free to email us with questions about how to make this system work for you.


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