Gnar Couch vs. Canfield: Third Time's a Mistake - Discussing the New Canfield Jedi 29


Apparently we don't learn from out mistakes. Canfield returns to the Couch to discuss our new 29er DH bike, the Canfield Jedi 29, why Lance is a wizard when it comes to high-pivot sorcery and angry Gnard mobs.

Give it a listen in the player above or by heading over to the main Gnar Couch Podcast page.

If you want to keep at least some brain cells intact, skip ahead to 7:15 for some Jedi love. 

Our apologies in advance.

[LISTEN] "Gnar Couch Podcast 59, Part 1 - Lance Canfield and the New Jedi"

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29er DH Bike - Canfield Jedi 29

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