Customer Feedback on the F1 Jedi- From New Zealand

I thought I would share this one-

"Canfield Jedi F1...

I have to write this to let everyone know how awesome these bikes are. I had
been riding mountain bikes for about 6 months and really loved the
downhill/freeride aspect most so decided to buy a big travel single pivot
bike and enjoyed that for about 10 months, then the opportunity came up to
get my hands on a Canfield Jedi F1 and how do I put this into words, here
goes from the very first ride, my riding experience went from enjoying
riding, to how long till I finish work so I can get out on the Jedi. And my
confidence went up within a few rides was hitting jumps that I normally rode
around, wow corners the grip and traction is incredible the back wheel never
breaks out and it eats rock gardens and roots ( which always used to stuff
me ) now hitting them like there not there. They say at Canfield Bikes that
one of there bikes will change your life and that is so true. 

I would say to anybody looking at getting a Canfield bike, don't hesitate
and get your order in.... 

Thanks Canfield Bikes and Marty at Heavy Metal Imports for bringing these
great bikes to NZ. 

Thanks for the kind word Christain, we have dedicated our lives to this and love to hear that you get it-

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