Canfield Yelli Screamy Review - Hardtail Party

When Steve over at Hardtail Party shared some of his dream geo numbers with us last year, we told him, "Just wait..." When we finally got the new version of our beloved aluminum hardtail 29er—the Canfield Yelli Screamy—in our warehouse, we wasted no time in getting one on its way to Sedona. 

The wait is now over. 

In this review video, Steve puts the Yelli through its paces on some of his favorite Sedona singletrack.

"Man this bike is fun. It rails corners. It feels really light and zippy, too. It jumps well. This thing's fun on pump tracks, on flow trails...surprisingly composed on black diamonds and chunk. Man, it's just so good!"

Scope the full review in the video above or head on over to join the Hardtail Party on Youtube here.

"This bike is such a joy to ride."

WATCH: "Canfield Yelli Screamy - A Modern Remake of an Old Classic" - Hardtail Party


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