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Rider: Dylan Wood | Photo: JD Brantingham / BLISTER

We sent the Super Enduro version of the world's first CBF downhill bike, the Canfield ONE.2, over to the crew at BLISTER to see what a DH bike is capable of with a single-crown fork, dropper and wide-range cassette.

The BLISTER crew put it through its paces in renowned riding destinations such as Washington State; British Columbia, Canada; Crested Butte, CO; and Green River, UT.

Rider: Dylan Wood | Photo: JD Brantingham / BLISTER

Testers came away impressed with the plush, bottomless feel of the CBF suspension as well as its traction both up and down.

"Overall, I think the ONE.2’s suspension feels outstanding — it’s super supple off the top with a ton of traction and grip, without feeling wallowy or unsupportive when you start hitting things harder, all while still having impressive pop when jumping and trying to get airborne," wrote David Golay. "To me, that’s one of the biggest things that sets the ONE.2 apart — it’s a long-travel bike that can mow down fast, rough trails quite effectively, but feels less demanding of being ridden aggressively at all times..." 

"I think the ONE.2’s suspension feels outstanding..."
But the ONE.2 also impressed on the way up for such a long-travel beast, thanks once again to the magic of the Canfield Balance Formula suspension.

Rider: Dylan Wood | Photo: JD Brantingham / BLISTER

I found myself thoroughly impressed with how well this gravity-oriented steed was able to climb," Dylan Wood wrote. "Despite it being the longest-travel bike I’ve ever pedaled uphill for a significant amount of time, mileage, and/or vert. Maybe this shouldn’t be a surprise, given that I’ve found other bikes with the Canfield Balance Formula (CBF) suspension platform to be excellent climbers for how much suspension travel they have. Regardless, this 190mm-travel bike certainly climbs better than it should."

Rider: Dylan Wood | Photo: JD Brantingham / BLISTER

"The Canfield ONE.2 was originally conceived as the more playful, Freeride-oriented DH bike in Canfield’s lineup, but in the newer Super Enduro guise, it’s a viable long-travel bike for folks who want to earn their turns, too," concluded BLISTER. "If its combination of traits sounds like what you’re after, we haven’t been on anything else quite like it."
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29 OR 27.5" WHEELS // 203MM REAR // 200MM FRONT
29 OR 27.5" WHEELS // 190MM REAR // 190MM FRONT

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