Canfield ONE.2 Super Enduro Flash Review - BLISTER

We sent the Super Enduro version of the world's first CBF downhill bike, the Canfield ONE.2, over to the crew at BLISTER to see what a DH bike is capable of with a single-crown fork, dropper and wide-range cassette.

While the full review is still pending, tester David Golay recently shared some initial impressions of his time aboard this long-travel CBF beast in a "Flash Review." 

You'll have to be a BLISTER member to access the full "Flash Review," but here's a sneak peek. 

"I’m already confident in saying that there’s no ~170mm-travel Enduro bike whose suspension feels like the ONE.2’s. That extra travel makes a difference when you point the bike down the hill, and between the excellent RockShox suspension package and the well-sorted CBF linkage on the ONE.2, it feels great... So far my take is that the ONE.2 feels like a great choice for riders who are looking for a bike that they’re primarily going to ride in the bike park or shuttle up big jump lines and freeride trails, but who want something that they can pedal to the top from time to time, too."

BLISTER members can read the full Canfield ONE.2 Flash Review here.

Stay tuned for the full review.

[READ] "Flash Review - Canfield ONE.2" - BLISTER

29 OR 27.5" WHEELS // 203MM REAR // 200MM FRONT
29 OR 27.5" WHEELS // 190MM REAR // 190MM FRONT

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