Canfield National Champs results!

Congrats to Mitch Ropelato for being the 2009 Junior X Downhill and 2009 Pro Men's 4x National Champion!

_mg_0178 Mitch, fresh and clean champ

Mitch came through his downhill run with heat and flowed through the jumps and tree sections. Mitch beat a couple of juniors who are currently on the world cup circuit. Way to show them how it's done!

_mg_0405 Mitch during his dh final run

_mg_0210 Mitch steezin' during the 4x races

The 4x final was extremely tense for the crowd as JD Swanguen attempted to get ahead of the pack and nearly took out Mitch. After a hare scramble back to first place, Mitch was bike lengths ahead of second place. Congrats again to Mitch for showing the Pros how it goes.

Congrats go out to Tyler and Evan Gilsdorf. Tyler takes a podium spot in 3rd place in Cat 1:19-24 and brother Evan pulls in 14th place junior X DH.  


Evan Gilsdorf sending the gap during his final run

Tyler hucking the lip skidder- Tyler hucking the lip skidder

A special thanks go out to Kerry Ropelato from the Canfield Brothers!

_mg_0135 The man behind the scenes making it all happen, Kerry Ropelato!



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