Canfield Lithium Review - Teton Gravity Research

Canfield Lithium Review - TGR
When Teton Gravity Research wanted to review our long-travel 29er, the Canfield Lithium, in one of our favorite riding destinations, including laps on the trail for which the bike was named, we couldn't say no.

Upon building up the Lithium, reviewer Max Ritter immediately headed for the bike's namesake, which also happens to his favorite home trail on Teton Pass. Despite descending nearly 3,000 feet and being very much worthy of a DH bike, Lithium trail requires quite a bit of pedaling to reach, even after shuttling to the top of the pass. Few mountain bike trails are a better test for a modern enduro bike.

"I rarely felt the need to use the rear shock’s climb switch, as the CBF suspension works remarkably well in decoupling pedaling and suspension forces," Ritter writes of the journey up.

But then, once he dropped in, the real fun began. 

"The CBF suspension’s claims lived up to the hype... In loose corners, the rear end stayed absolutely glued to the ground, providing traction I’ve rarely experienced on that section of trail before..

Canfield Lithium Review | TGR

TGR goes on to describe the Lithium's split personality, marveling at its ability to be agile and responsive despite its limitless traction and penchant for speed.

"Somehow, Canfield managed to incorporate the best of both worlds and created a bike that stays glued to the ground when it needs to, yet will pop and float over anything you ask it to."

The review also goes into detail on build spec as well as additional riding impressions. 

TLDR: "...the simplicity of its design and its perfect execution gives it a commanding presence particularly when the trail ahead contains a whole lot of everything: flow, chunky steeps, and big jumps. I know what bike I’ll be grabbing for laps on my favorite home trail for the rest of the season." 

Head on over to TGR to read the full Canfield Lithium review.

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