Photo: Pinkbike/Satchel Cronk

We recently sent our flagship 29er DH bike, the Canfield Jedi 29, up to the crew at Pinkbike to put it through the wringer as part of the DH Bike Field Test.

After punishing it on the blown-out trails of an unusually dry season at Whistler Bike Park, tester Matt Beer came away impressed by the suspension performance of our latest high-pivot DH bike.

"No other bike touched the Jedi in terms of isolating the rider from the trail and keeping the wheels on the ground," writes Beer.

"The comfort, tracking, and carrying speed that the Jedi proved through rough sections was seriously impressive. I dubbed the Jedi the 'speed couch' in my head after the first lap through what was left of the driest bike park seasons in years." 

Photo: Pinkbike/Satchel Cronk

Beer goes on to write that he, "...was totally shocked by how the kinematics of Canfield’s Formula 1 suspension carried speed through destroyed berms and ate up braking bumps. Riding the Jedi made me question whether or not I had lost the chain."

Photo: Pinkbike/Satchel Cronk

He also praised the Jedi's design for being durable and easy to work on, as well as component choices and build options.

"You can tell that Canfield has been to a race or two because all of the components are easily accessible and there are no complicated axles, pivots or hardware on this workhorse frame," Beer writes. "Changing the spring takes less time than smashing a slice of pizza."

Photo: Pinkbike/Satchel Cronk 

"If you hold it wide and keep the speed up, the Jedi’s buttery suspension and rearward axle path will slice right through the roughest sections of bike park bomb holes."

Head on over to Pinkbike to see the video and read the full Canfield Jedi 29 review.

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