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Canfield Jedi 29 Review - BLISTERWe sent our new 29er DH bike, the Canfield Jedi 29, over to the crew at BLISTER to rack up some gravity-fed miles north of the border in Whistler.

While the full review is still pending, tester David Golay recently shared some initial impressions of his time aboard this big-wheeled high-pivot downhill bike in a "Flash Review" and "Reviewer Reports" podcast.

You'll have to be a BLISTER member to access the full "Flash Review," but here's a sneak peek.

"I’ve started spending time on the new Canfield Jedi 29, and my early impressions are that Canfield has done a really nice job of preserving what the earlier iterations of the bike did so well — chiefly plowing through stuff in a straight line — while also mitigating a lot of its quirkier aspects.

In particular, the rear suspension performance is hugely impressive. Our review bike came with the optional EXT Arma MX shock upgrade (though the base Öhlins TTX22 is also an extremely good shock) and the combination of shock and suspension kinematics makes for an ultra-composed, planted bike when going very fast in rough, choppy sections of trail. Small bump sensitivity is good, and there’s a lot of rear wheel traction available, but the Jedi really starts to come into its own when the speeds pick up and you start hitting things harder."

BLISTER members can read the full Canfield Jedi 29 Flash Review here.

Golay also discusses his time on the Jedi at the 38:45 mark in this "Reviewer Reports" episode of the "Bikes & Big Ideas" podcast below. 

Stay tuned for the full review.

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 29er DH Bike - Canfield Jedi 29

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