Canfield Brothers KDH Project With Jackson Goldstone


The FUTURE.....It's a pretty bold term and mindset these days! From our history of airdyne bikes dating back to 1999, the future is something we always talked about. What is the future going to bring? If you take a look at the history of other extreme sports, the youth have always served as the bridge between old generations and new ones...the KDH is one of those projects that takes a look at what the future of DH mountain biking has in store!

When we started this project, we didn't want to make just another kid's full suspension bike. We wanted to produce a proper kids DH bike with slack angles, short stays and deep travel with a pickup bed bike rack. We focused on a 120mm travel, concentric BB pivot design, built around 20” wheels. These features combined would allow for maximum standover, while giving the feel of a full DH bike, only scaled down for small riders.

The next stage was product testing. Since building custom long travel frames over the last 15 years, we have always done our own testing. But for the first time in our company history, we had the challenge of testing the bike to its fullest without any of us riding it. With the shortest person in our team being 5'6”, we sought a rider not only the right size, but one that also had the skill set to push the limits of our design. Enter Jackson Goldstone and a visit to Bellingham, WA for a short test session this past spring. Jackson's first reaction on the KDH was, “the bike has so much suspension!” He was immediately charging new lines on our bike with confidence.

From this session our partnership developed and we are stoked to announce Jackson Goldstone as the official tester for our KDH project. Jackson will provide product feedback on our KDH, while giving it the punishment that no other place like Whistler can provide.


We will release our finalized production aluminum KDH later this summer with complete build specs and pricing.

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