Canfield Bikes MTB Sponsorship goes LIVE!

We are live for the mountain bike sponsorship, so get your apps it! It is our intention to make this more than just your average sponsor house sponsorship. We want to be involved in your progress as a rider! Good luck to everyone who applies. We will be getting back to you as fast as we can. Add us to your friends/insider list so that we can discuss your sponsorship as well as your updates!


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  • Hello, I am a young avid mountain biker. I visit trails as much as I can and am in love with the sport. I am soon to join a racing team and cant wait. I want to get a head start for my racing season and get a sponsor. I am a simply in love with your products and have wanted a bike from you guys for a long time. Having a sponsor from you guys will take that next level. Please consider this and if you have any questions please email me. Thank you!

    Anderson Ulrich

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