Canfield Bikes Introduces EXT Suspension Upgrades

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Canfield Bikes is now offering custom-tuned EXT Suspension upgrades for both the Tilt and Lithium 29er mountain bikes. Riders can now choose EXT Suspension on complete bikes, frame, shock and fork packages, or frame and shock packages. 

Shock options include both the EXT Storia Lok V3 and the EXT Arma HBC V3. Both will be tuned for the suspension kinematics of the Tilt and Lithium as well as the rider's weight and riding style.

Canfield Lithium EXT Suspension

The EXT Storia Lok V3 features a climb switch, which doesn't just increase compression damping, but operates a completely separate compression circuit system that can be tuned individually. It also features a "blow off" to absorb big impacts should you forget to put it back in party mode before descending. The Storia uses a hydraulic bottom-out control (HBC) adapted from the Arma. HBC automatically increases damping in the last 15 percent of the shock stroke for smooth, seamless ramp-up when you find the end of travel.

The EXT Arma HBC V3 lacks the climb switch of the Storia (good thing you're riding CBF Suspension), but instead gives riders the ability to fine tune the hydraulic bottom-out control for a more or less progressive feel.

Canfield Tilt EXT Storia LOK V3

Both the Storia and Arma employ a monotube design, larger 29-millimeter main piston for increased oil flow and low-friction nitrogen charged IFP (internal floating piston). Both feature high and low-speed compression adjustment and of course, rebound. Both are also incredibly light for coil shocks. There's even more magic going on here, which you can geek out on more over at the EXT USA website.

EXT Era Fork Canfield Lithium

The EXT Arma fork will lead the charge on frame and fork packages and complete bikes. The Arma features the HS3 hybrid coil and air spring system. An integrated coil provides superb small-bump compliance early the travel before the air springs take over. Yes, springs, plural. There are dual positive air springs and a negative air spring. Lots more squishy wizardry here, but the result is incredible traction paired with plenty of mid-stroke support to preserve geometry when the going gets steep (no "dive"), and smooth end-of-stroke progression. There's an oversized 22-millimeter piston to move more oil so the fork feels consistent on longer runs. External adjustments include rebound and high and low-speed compression. You can deep-dive more here.

Canfield Lithium EXT Suspension

Custom tuned performance meets CBF suspension and legendary ride quality. EXT Suspension offers the ultimate upgrade for your Canfield mountain bike. 

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